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Antonio Smith: Patriots are either spying on us or scouting us

A wise man once told me, Win if u can. Lose if you must…But always cheat!!! I guess he told belichick and the same thing. You can’t be thst naive to think that every time the pats are at home, they can com err back and win the game .even after being completely shut out in the first half. (Things that make u go hmmmmm!!!!) You have to be really stupid to think that the head gear radios and the coaching equipment cant have their communications intercepted by someone in the pats organization and at half time they review the game tapes ,the audio that has been collected. Simply and the call to the play and u know everthing the other team is going to do. We can pick up other countries encrypted information off of satellites. You think a radio signal can’t be intercepted ? You’ve got to a patriots fan .!!! People never really change they only become more fully what they are. !!!


Sheepple are people who act like sheep. They believe everything that is feed to them .